Närke Beer Festival at Akkurat

(Quote based and translated on information from bk);

"Akkurat as the first bar in the world will have a small "Närkefestival" and will have up to 12 draft beers with up to 7 different served simultaneously. This will start on Thursday Jan 24 at 17.00 & will continue as long as beers is available.

The beer from Närke Kulturbryggeri will be;

  1. !
  2. Anders Göranssons Bästa Rököl
  3. Black Goldings
  4. Närke Sim-Ko
  5. Kll’n v f n d’vill
  6. Riktigt Jävla Mörker (Cask)
  7. Riktig Örebro Styrian Bitter (Cask)
  8. Örebro Bitter
  9. Närke Slättöl
  10. Närke Mörker
  11. Max Goldings 2007
  12. Stormaktsporter 2005!!! "

This seems to be a great initiative from the world famous beer bar in Stockholm and with a brewery that is getting better and better during the years. Örebro Bitter is a classic beer now, anyway feels like it. And the latest US-inspired beers of Sim-Ko and Kll’n v f n d’vill are both really quality and fun beers.

Damn, of course it seems that I will miss this event due to work and a planned trip to Åre. Well I hope those that can get there on Thursday will have a great time.

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