What about a beer festival in 08?


We have no fixed plans for a beer festival in the US next year. This year we visited the extreme beer fest in Boston and the GABF over at Denver. But next year is still blank.

So I have tried to find a bunch of festivals that sound OK and fits suitable days (spring or the fall). So far I have also created a shortlist.

But what do you think out there?
Am I missing something?
Do you recommend a certain festival?
Or is something definitely no idea to attend?
What we are looking for is a good local festival with a large amount of US-craft beers (does not mean huge like GABF) in a calm and civilized arrangement. Last year the extreme beer festival was definitely something we enjoyed and the type of festival we are looking for. So something that is different from for example the extreme big festivals as for example GABF represents. It is also a plus if it is located in a area where you can have some additional days to explore; meaning with breweries, pubs and other beer related activities.

So what do you think? What should it be?

Top 4:

1. The Spring Craft Beer Festival, Uniondale, Ny; March 29 (*****) + a short stop over at the 1st Manhattan Cask Ale Festival@Chelsea Brew Co.

2. Beer Summit April 2008, Boston; April 18 & 19 (***)

3. Philly Craft BeerFestival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; march 1 (*)

5. NY Brewfest, New York; September (**)

(*) Means what the current status looks like.

Outside the list:

5. American Beer Fest, Boston; June 15, 16 (*)

6. TAP newyork08 New Yorks Craft Brew Festival, Hunter, NY; April 26,27

7. 25th Annual San Francisco International Beer Festival, Fort Mason, San Francisco ; April 26

8. Great International Spring Beer Festival, Providence, RI; May 5

9. Brooklyn Pigfest; May 12


Dave said...

I'm surprised the Oregon Brewers Festival isn't on your list.

It's in Portland, Oregon (the best beer town in the USA) the last full weekend in July.

Mattias said...

Dave, the answer about that is simply that we are looking for a spring festival or maybe something after the summer.

OBF would otherwise be on the list but the summer will be packed with other stuff and hopefully a beer tour in New England this year. So I have simply not checked the festivals in July and August.

I agree that Portland should be on a full year list. And we really enjoyed the stay in Portland in 2006 and our west coast beer crawl.

Steve said...

for a truly unique experience you can try getting to the Lost Abbey barrel tasting, though it will probably be on fairly short notice (it was in August and I think they announced it 3-4 weeks before last year). Of course, thats only about a 4 hour event, but you could come up with a lot of other beer stuff to do in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dave that Portland, OR is the Micro-brew capital. I am also surprise that you do not have The Spring Beerfest from Portland, OR. www.springbeerfest.com/brewers.
March 21st and 22nd, '08