More of the Danish beers in Stockholm (and some "bad" news)

The Danish beer tour is still strong and alive around Stockholm. I can report a great beer experience over at the Mackinlay's Inn a few weeks back.

Available beers on draught from Denmark was the beers from Ølfabrikken. We sampled the amazing Rug IPA that was served in smaller glasses, mainly due to the very high price (85 SEK). But it was worth the price and the opportunity to have such a great beer also here in Stockholm.
This beer has been my favorite one from this brewery and it was also a hit to drink it locally.

It has a dark mahogny color with a small white head. A strong hoppy taste and flavor with hints of orange, apricot touches. It is strong and hoppy, but in the same time very balanced and I really like the extremely bitter finish.

During the time I started to write this entry I saw some very disturbing news regarding the future of the brewery. It seems in short that the brewery has been bought by the Gourmetbryggeriet (GB). What this actually means is a bit uncertain but it seems that it has been taken over in a deal that has not been appreciated by all parties, at least it seems so based on the bitter comments.

The co-founder Christian Skovdal Andersen has suddenly decided to leave the company and what GB wants with the brewery is very uncertain. This does not sound so great, bad news, especially now when it seemed that everything went so well with the brewery. It was becoming a world hit, with good ratings both around Europe and also especially in the US.

I am not sure want it means, but the fact that the site http://www.olfabrikken.dk has been shut down maybe is saying something what the future will be???

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