QUICKTAKE: Middle Ages X Double India Pale Ale

The Middle Ages X Double India Pale Ale was brewed once to celebrate the 10th anniversary and brewed in the style of an American Double IPA.

I purchased the beer in beginning at 2007 (Boston in feb during the extremen beer fest) and it has after that been stored until now. Seems that the beer was better than ever and it had matured good during the years (brewed in 2005 as the info on the site says) and with the 10% ABV it had the potential to store well.

It poured a deep copper & with a white head, smell was grapefruit aroma with a strong underlying bittering hoppy aroma, taste is also grapefruit with a bitterness to it, its rich & creamy with a slight alcohol bite. It is simply a great hoppy (Warrior?) ADIPA and it was worth wait and getting this beer all the way from Boston.

Finally the beer is a bit of a mystery for me, on the bottle design like the one at BeerAdvocate it says 1995 -- 2005, showing that the beer was done once in 05. But on my example this is removed and is not saying anything when it was actually brewed. So it seems maybe that the brewery has continued to do the beers after 2005?


Anyway a great DIPA that I will give 4+ on my beer scale. Seems that I have to check for more beers from this brewery when we get to New York in March.

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Carla Jean said...

On the labels - the subsequent brewings of this company go up in roman numerals. I've tried XI and XII myself. :)