A strange beer from Carlsberg

In the list of strange beers sampled this one from Carlsberg is probably on top 10. I recently found the bottle again when I was trying to get rid off all the stuff that due to some strange reasons you keep at home. I sampled this beer "19B" a few years back when Akkurat was having a beer sale and was selling beers that was coming to its end. I just remembered that the beer was drinkable but it was a bit unknown what beer it actually was, simply because it had passed its best form.

So does anyone know anything about this beer? Doing some searches on the web does not say much, at least I can not find the beer over at Ratebeer or BeerAdvocate so it must be quite rare.

Checking some more it seems that the beer is a export beer sold in Belgium and was a Dopplebock with around 7.5 ABV.

Some information I found at the Danish site says something like;

Oprindelig lavet som Carlsbergs påskebryg i 1952. Den var mørk, markedet begyndte at efterspørge en lysere påskebryg. Derfor blev den erstattet. I stedet kom den til at hedde 19B og blev eksportøl.

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