The new cupboard...

The new cupboard has arrived, so now we can finally get some order again in the increasing number of beer glasses. Feels great to have a place to store all the glasses that you "need".

So the cupboard is now divided into four different categories;

1. US Beer pints
2. Large & small tasters
3. Belgian lambic glasses
4. Assorted glasses from Stockholm beers

+ assorted belgian glasses for all kind of purposes.


bark said...

Looks nice. But it doesn't seem like you got much space left for future glassware purchases?

Mattias said...

Thats always the problem. But it got its potential and can be arranged to better fit what is needed.

And you can really ask yourself how many glasses from "Stockholm Beer you really need"? The problem is that we get 4 each year, sigh.

At least it is much better than the old one that had glasses all over the place, so that it was essentially dangerous to pass.

bark said...

One cannot have too many beer glasses. On the other hand; my 40 cm IKEA BILLY is crammed with beer (80%), Wine (5%) and liquor (15%) glassware. I'll probably replace it with a 80 cm BILLY in some future.

Maybe I should take a pic and post it in my blog some day.