Närke Kulturbryggeri Festival: Missed a hit

Well I have really nothing to report except that I missed the Närke brewery festival at Akkurat, yes the whole weekend. I had to go on a business trip so I had to leave all the great beers from Örebro to the rest of the beer community at Akkurat and instead drink "Stor Stark" for 50 SEK in Åre!. So the only thing I have is the menu!.

For those enjoying this event you could drink amazing things like;

1. Stormaktsporter from 2005!!!
2. "!", An Old Ale at 8% ABV

etc etc. Well a classic that I missed but anyway it was a hit (500l was served during a few days) and hopefully Akkurat will have the great taste to have a rerun in a close future,


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Anonymous said...

Stormakten 2005...var tyvärr inte så bra...lite för mycket oxiderade toner för min smak....