A new bishop has been born: Part II

I reported a month ago that we got a new Bishop Arms over at Stockholm in the form av Bishop Arms Vasagatan.

And now just a month later I recently got the information that we will have a additional Bishops, this time over at Bishop Arms Folkungatan, in the centre of SOFO (South Of Folkungagatan). This one will open in the middle of December and as the establishment at Vasagatan it will be a so called gastro pub, plus a very large collection of Whiskey (400).

Lets see how this will affect the close by pubs of Big Ben and Bistro Humlehof, they will surely see some strong competion with the beer consumers of Södermalm and around SOFO.

UPDATED 080212
The place is now opened after some initial delays, here is the official url: http://www.bishopsarms.com/Stockholm_Presentation_DXNI-129773_.aspx. Have not been at the place but I will hopefully have a report ready after the first visit planned for this Friday (080215).

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