A update from Portland: Swedish Beers!

With some very quick reaction regarding my comment about Danish and Norwegian beers being for sale in Portland, I got some great new from Chris over at belmont station;

As luck would ahve it, we got several Swedish beers in this morning. Nils Oscar IPA, Barleywine, and Imperial Stout, plus Oppigards Winter Ale.

It's a start :)

Chris @ Belmont Station
So now Swedish beers can hopefully find beer consumers in the States, at least in a very small scale. And it seems to be a good start with beers from two of the better breweries from back home.

Wonder which beers you can expect next, what about; Dugges Ale och Porterbryggeri (yes they have bottleing equipment now), Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri or what about Ölands Gårdsbryggeri?

And if anyone is interested in the "complete" list of Swedish breweries, here is the latest update; Komplett lista över nuvarande Svenska Bryggerier.

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