The return of the Rocky Mountain IPA outside Fort Collins

The attentive reader of my blog maybe remembers that I talked about a very small brewery outside Fort Collins that we visited during the GABF week in October.

The name is Fort Collins Brewery and they are producing a bunch of great brews, which is a great achievement for such a tiny brewery (5000 barrels).

The fun part about this was that they were a bit surprised that the IPA had been served outside Fort Collins, and outside Colorado, and even outside the USA, and not just the bottle!

Because the beer that was a couple of months old as a product was served both on bottle and even a draught version was served over at my local pub in Stockholm, Sweden, here is the proof; The OT US-draught list.

And now this strange and fun story continues, because today the Rocky Mountain IPA was served on draught for the second time outside the US (at least to my knowledge) and at a other location over at Akkurat.

And to be even more fun it was now served with a proper and genuin pump clip. The clip was brought directly by myself from the brewery during our visit to the tap room and was later delivered to "Rille" over at Akkurat during the Friday beer run.

He had built his own pump clip, but was very satisfied that I have been keeping the clip in my wallet since the visit to the brewery.

So thank you very much to the girl (do not remember your name) over at the tap room that gave away some valuable merchandise.

Now we are waiting for the Chocolate stout, or probably just me because I also have the clip for that beer kept in the wallet, :-).

For you guys over at the brewery, it seems that we over here in Sweden are still enjoying your beers although it is a bit of a secret how it has travelled over here. But I guess Jugge over at Oliver Twist has something to do with it, :-).

Anyway a great beer, and it was surely enjoyed by the rest of Akkurat beer geeks tonight. Akkurat only has 2x20l kegs so I guess the beer will be gone during the beginning of next week.

Rocky Mountain IPA served at Akkurat, with a proper beer clip.
And the beer served as the US-beer of the evening.
Also thank you very much for recognizing my little blog over at; BLOGS: Rocky Mountain IPA.

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