QUICKTAKE: A master piece on a can...

What can you say, it can not be any better; A Imperial Stout from on a can from Oskar Blues Brewery, Lyons, Colorado. Bought Oct 10 over at Lyons, Colorado, which seems to be the first day this amazing beer was avaible in a can. So I bought 4 to get home (one was consumed on the bus back to Denver).

It was a great feeling to taste this beer back home and in my own living room, and just fresh from the fridge.

It can be only Oskar Blues that would come up with the crazy idea to produce a strong Imperial Stout (10% ABV) on a can. But what can you say, it can not so much better, and it surely works.

The beer pours like a very thick motor oily texture, black like the night. It has virtually no head. It has some very strong roasted coffee scent´and toffee are also present. And the great thing is that you can not feel any trace of alcohol, just some nice warmness fills you up.

We are already waiting for when this beer will be available over here in Sweden, based on the fact that we already have the current line up of OBs at severial places around the country. For example the Bishop Arms pubs has them and is practically seen as a house beer over at Oliver Twist.

Amazing to know that all these amazing beer cans are all being produced in this little barn over at Lyons (photo taken during our brewery tour in October and the same day as the stout was released as a regular beer).


Steve said...

That's awesome you had that. I've heard a lot about this Imperial Stout. I only live a couple states away and I would have to trade some great beer just to get it. It's causing quite a small craze among beer enthusiasts here in the States.

Mattias said...

Strange that the chance sometimes seems bigger to actually get a particular beer over here in Sweden, just compared between single states in the US, is that not a bit unlogic?

It does not seems so big of a problem to have a distributor specializing getting beer between states, instead of having to trade it first.

I am saving my last can in the fridge for a special moment, :-).