Seattle the second day..

Being a bit tired and need the sleep for the driving tomorrow I will mainly spend a few minutes on talking about what we drank today.

Pyramid Brewpub
Thunderhead IPA
DPA (Draught Pale Ale) exclusive at pyramid
Macs Ale (same as DPA but not the draught version)

Collins Bar
Pelican IPA (cannot do much about it, but it was simply the best beer of the day, but has nothing to do with the washington state beer that should be the focus of the day)
Walking Man IPA

Virginia Inn
Moongoose Ipa from Hales (number 2 of the day)
Mac & Jacks African Amber
Fat Tire Amber Ale (from california)
Old Seattle Lager (Paritime Pacific Brewery, boring...)

Belltown Bistro
Mirror Pond Pale Ale (number 3 of the day)
Bridgeport IPA (from oregon)
Reedhook Ale

Elysian Brewpub
Immortal IPA
Elysian Fields Pale Ale

Elephant & Castle (same name as a tube station in London)
Lagunitas IPA (from California)
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar (from oregon)

Hopefully I will write some stuff tomorrow but you never know, we are picking up the car at 11.00 and after that we really do not know what will happen regarding the web access...

Sorry forgot the beer of day, so here it comes once more...
Pelican IPA

Good night folks see you tomorrow when we continue the journey into washinton state...

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