Leaving Seattle...

August 4th

Last day in seattle simply consisted of checking out of the hotel and then walk a few blocks up to the Hilton hotel above university ave. Here we rented our car that turned out to be a chevrolet impala on the eight floor at the hotel. This was the first time ever I drove an automatic gear so it was very interesting to figure out the concept of using the break instead of changing gear with a stick that I am used to. Seems that the break was very good and I succeeded in waking up my friends a few times when the car stopped very suddenly.

Going though redmont (did not see bill) we headed out to the eastern part of the washington state for the search of better beers.

The first stop was on Snoqualmie Brewing Company in Snoqualmie Falls. Here we had some beers, I was drivingthis day so I personaly had a root beer, but the rest of the gang tested;
Wildcat IPA
Copperhead Pale Ale (the number on beer here)

After the beers and the lunch we had we headed for the famous falls nearby the town (very small town).According to the guide books this was the falls used in the Twin Peaks TV-series. Very nice...

After that we continued on the road to the next brewery in Ellensburg with the name Iron Horse Brewery. Due tothe missing GPS we ordered to the car it turned out to be very difficult to understand how to get to the brewery but we finally got it and understood how we could find the dollar way, which turned out to be outside the city and in a warehouse complex. The place was very small but seemed to have the potential to create great beers. The brewery was located at the end of the warehouse and was owned by one person (Jim, who was the owner, brewmaster, ceo and all the rest). I was really impressedthat all this could be accomplished by one single person.

The range we tested included;
Rodeo Extra Pale Ale
Wheat & Rye
Brown Ale
Locomotive Ale (double red ale)

The clock was getting late and when we finally find the grant brewpub in yakahima and discovered that the place was closed we went away to the city of Sunnyside (where we also got a room at the Country Inn and had dinner and some very nice beers at Snipes Mountain Microbrewery. The beers we had included;

Sunnyside Pale Ale
IPA (best of the day, according to me, the rest voted for the Iron Horse brands)
Coyte Moon amber ale

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