Canada & USA Beer Trip 2006: Has Started

Some basic information about the planned Beer trip, it will look something like below;

Here is a route plan from Google maps: google_maps
The beer trip has now started that will take us from Vancouver Canada to San Francisco USA. It all started out with a very long flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Vancouver at 9.20 local swedish time. After a flight of around 14 hours we finally got out of the airport and arrived in central Vancouver at around 16.30.

This was supposed to be a very slow start regarding drinking good beer so we started out with some slow sightseeing down to the city centre.

Anyway regarding good beer we started with getting to the Steamworks Brewin Co at the Water St.

The beer where traditional and well made but was not saying so much to you would expect. We found that the different beer tasted and intended but was as a beer experience quite boring. The list we tested included the following beers on draft;

Signature Pale Ale

Nirvana Nut Brown Ale
Empress IPA
Heroica Oatmeal Stout
Cascadia Cream Ale

Of this range the overall score told us that if you would pick a number one beer it would be the Signature Pale Ale,

Maria starting to organize the beer tour;

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