A new day in Vancouver...

So it is the first real day in Vancouver, meaning that we have been sleeping a full night and we are now ready to start discovering the city in more detail.

Nothing has happened so far except breakfast, but generally we are going to do some more sightseeing and hopefully also find some good examples of Canadian beer culture.

Hopefully this can be added later today.

So the day started out with a extensible long walk along the Vancouver seafront towards the stanley park. The weather was quite warm so it was taken a few hours to walk towards and through the stanley park north of the downtown Vancouver.

Sea planes at the harbor.

At the north side of the park we crossed the lionbridge by foot and started the long walk along the north side of Vancouver. The plan was to walk along the Marine drive to get back to the city by the seabus.

This was very long but we got some relief when found the first brewpub of the day (which was not on the list); Taylors Crossing Brewing Company. The brewpub is part of the Mark James Group, like YaleTown Brewing Company.

Here we tasted the following beers;

Indian Arms IPA (seasonal)
Red Truck Lager
The entrance of the brewpub.

The beer was OK, but the place was much better.

Getting closer to the ferry back to the city we finally came to the first plan brewpub for the day, which was Sailor Hägars Brewing Company (saying that it was inspired by scandinavian type of brewing tradition but seems more influenced by english and german traditions).

Here we combined the beer with some late lunch (pizza for me) and had the following beers;

Bengal IPA (which turned out to be the best beer of the day)
Lohins ESB
Maple Cream Ale
Grizzly Nut Brown Ale
Hagars Honey Pilser (cold but very boring)

Getting back to the city by the ferry turned out to be an other scenic view of the city and we got back where we started out.

The next stop was to get to the granville island, south of the down and here we discovered some additional brewpubs where the most famous one was; Granville Brewing Company. The most famous one turned out to be a huge disapointment. The line of beer was telling us that Canada likes brewpub but seems to be very scared to created tasteful brews. We tried the full range available;

Maple Cream Ale (OK, but nothing more)
Island Lager (Which according to the place should be hoppy, but it tasted like a chinese beer I had last year, tsingtao, meaning very weak in hoppiness)
English Bay Pale Ale
Robson Street Hefeweizen (the best one because it tasted at least like a spicy wheatbeer, but destroyed a bit by the added lemon)

The beer sample.

Further along the island after getting a bit confused on the direction we came along to the Dockside Brewing Company and had a Cartwright Pale Ale. It tasted something but was still nothing to remember.

And finally got back to yaletown and finished with a very nice IPA at the DIX brewing company (also part of MJG). It had not named except DIX, but it finally the taste was very nice. We also tested the seasonal dark beer which was a stout and it was also quite good.


And the entrance of the place at beatty street;

Thats it and now we will leave Canada and start the trip in the US, with the first stop in seattle.

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