Seattle day one...

The journey has now started with the 11.20 Greyhound bus from the Vancouver bus terminal. As usual the bus was quite old and scabby but the price was very reasonable (28$). I am (+ the rest of the gang; maria, stefan and mikael) currently sitting here on the bus trip that will hopefully take us to Seattle by 15.30 local us time. Stefan has spent his last Canadian dollars on chips and candy bars, so he is sitting a front of me eating a lot of crap food.

12:19:39 AM

Right now it seems that we are getting closer to the us border or something because we a traveling very slowly, or it is simply a normal car queue.
Anyway the plan today is generally to discover the city and hopefully finally get some good and tasteful (compared to canadian brews) micro brews. The plan is to find some good places today and then even more tomorrow when we have the full day covered. Some of the most promising is probably Pike and Pyramid, but I guess that we will go to some good pubs where we can get a sample of more then one brewery at the same place and hopefully from the pacific north west.
We will stay in Seattle for two nights so the schedule will be quite hectic when you have to taste as much of the regional beer being served at different establishments.

12:25:22 AM... to be continued when we arrive in Seattle.

Yes we finally arrived at seattle a bit later due to a long stop at the border and then trying to going through the Seattle traffic at rush hour.

So the city looks very nice along the seafront, we strolled through the city after getting to the ramada hotel on fifth.

The first day in seattle had two goals, food and beer. So we started out at the pike brewing company where we had some very nice beers together with some burgers, the tested beer included;

Pike Pale Ale
Pike IPA
Pike Tandem double ale (seasonal)
Pike Kiltlifter Ruby Ale
Pike Double Stout

The best one (according to me) was the pale ale and the double ale.

Going through some parts of the market at the seafront (including the original starbucks) we came across the Rock Bottom Brewpub;

Really this was a great place based on the beers, the general option was that this was the best beer of the day and also the best beer so far. The range included;

Hopbomb IPA (I got the t-shirt)
Peashooter Pale Ale
Rain city ale
Belgian triple (simply called 3 for triple)

(3 for triple)

All got 3+ or higher according to our beer ratings.

After this it was time to try some different beers so we tested out the Six Arms pub on pike and got to try;

Rogue Anniversay IPA
Hales ESB
Scuttllebutt Hoptopia
Hammerhead Ale

Here my phone died to I cannot provide any photo evidence but it was quite nice pub, but it tasted quite strange according to my travelling mates.

The trip settled on to a usual suspect, so we came to te gordon biersh branch when we got back from the the six arms and tested the k├Âlsch (quite good) and the dunkel.

Tandem at pike

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