Trying to find some time...

It always seems that this time of the year has one problem and that is the tendency that everyone wants to be finished at the same time. So I am currently struggeling to deliver all the things you have promised (IT things) to do. Through that I very seldom have to time to write something interesting over here, hopefully it will come back.

At least here is a picture of a happy beer geek (myself) drinkning a english pint! of Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA over at Mugs Ale House \ Williamsburg \ Brooklyn for the bargain price of 5 bucks. Yes I have been to New York a couple of weeks back and had a great beer week, excellent trip, but I have simply not found the time to explore it over here at my little blog.


And happier

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A Brazilian beer enthusiast. Who might visit Sweden in July. Lemme know if you're interested in swapping coasters, glasses, whatever...

Evandro von Sydow Domingues