New Beer: How about some "Imperial Mild"

So what do you think about the continued struggle by US breweries to do everything Imperial?

I thought I had seen everything, but what about this one that we sampled at our latest trip to New York, an "Imperial Mild". Yes a Mild coming with a stunning flavor and around 11% ABV!.

Well I guess it mostly a joke and a try to describe the beer, compared to really trying to be a mild. But at least we found it quite amusing.

And yes if you are wondering, I know, I have been very lazy and have not found the time to add anything new at my little blog for a very long time. But now I am hopefully back again, and during the time I have been having quite a few beer experience that I will try to come back to; like our beer trip to NY and the 1st Manhattan Craft Beer Festival, a "little" beer festival on long island, great new Swedish real ales from Sundsvall, great new draught US-beers at Oliver Twist (Avery is the king), getting closer to the beer mayhem at OT in May, just started to plan for the New England Beer trip during the summer, great new beers from Dugges and Ocean, new favorite beer bars in NY etc etc etc.

Link to the beer at beeradvocate; http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1635/41832 (Seems so new that is has still no rating, but is according to them a american barley wine, seems more approriate than a mild)

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Alistair said...

I am planning to make an "imperial" mild this weekend, for want of a better appellation that is, I am also chucking in some smoked malt to give it a little extra zing.