Tribute to a Swedish Real Ale Brewery

It is great pleasure to introduce a new brewery that has touched my beer heart the last couple of months. Sometimes you just feel that this is it, this is great from start, and for the little "brewery" up north in the city of Sundsvall it has simply been a joyride for us beer geeks in Stockholm.

It is amazing that a place that is actually a local small pub in Sundsvall can do such master pieces. Simple traditional beers with genuin English cask conditioned traditions. You can simply in short say that this is "Real" real ale because they do the beer so traditional that it can ever be, well structured in the style and very british.

The Irish Pub in Sundsvall has been in business for quite a while now but it is just the last couple of months that it has appeared as a genuin brewery, at least now when the beer is available not only locally in Sundsvall. Its like a big secret has been revealed that has been hidden up north. Just a pitty that we have had to be waiting such a long time.

I guess I have sampled all the available beers and styles served at Akkurat the last 2-3 months, and they have all been great and very distinct in flavor and tradition.
Some of the sampled beers has been;

Irish Pub East India Pale Ale

Irish Pub Guld Kusten

Irish Pub Svarta Katten

So what could be better when we talk about Swedish Real Ales, well the market is not really big but at least the quality is high, so it would be my favorite brewery in Gothenburg and the amazing Ocean Brewery. Favorte beer from that brewery is the great english IPA in form of the Ocean India Pale Ale;


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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I found your blog a really interesting read! A while back I started brewing my own traditional english ale, I have really started getting into it and now actually sell my wine to friends and family. I wanted to add that extra touch to my beer so I designed my own beer labels and had them printed by a british labels company who did a excellent job. It has made my beer bottles look really great!