New England Report VI:2008-07-19

Due to the bad Internet access you often get on the motels and probably due to late activities connected with beers these reports do not come out as expected. Anyway right now the report comes from a dreary bestwestern motel in Fall River, Massachusetts. Missed the opportunity to live down in Newport, RI as we so of did not understand that we really needed to book in advance. Due to that we simply had to rearrange the plans a bit so we simply ended up here instead. At least we got to the decided places in Newport and Middletown, RI and were happy with that.

Getting back to the report it is now 080719 and the trip continued from Bethel Maine to Burlington Vermont.

We stopped first at the "Italian Oasis Restaurant & Brewery" in Littleton.

This is a nice place located in a stylish tree house on the main street. We were early so as it had not yet opened we did some limited sightseeing (+ the longest candy store in the World, at least according to shop) by the river side. Sampled beers included;

59. Black Bear Stout (first of many black bear beers)
60. Cannon Amber Ale

As these beers were not really much to say about we can simply continue with the next stop.

Second place and just before we started our trip up to Burlington we stopped at the "The Shed Restaurant & Brewery" in Stowe. Original plan was the "Alchemist" in Waterbury but we could not find the time (solved later). The Shed is located in big red building and is also located in a ski resort area so much was connected to skiing and it felt like a nice place to be for a ski holiday. We had lunch and add the following beers to our list;

61. West Branch Golden
62. Shed Amber Ale
63. National IPA
64. Mocca Porter
65. Mountain Ale
66. Raspberry Wheat

(had samplers, so that is why it became so many)

After that it was just to hurry to Burlington and the planned "Vermont Brewers Festival"...

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