New England Report V:2008-07-18

Now the report come from a very rainy Greenfield, MA. It is pouring down and we have to see how the travel will work south tomorrow morning. We finished the day in the Peoples Pint in central Greenfield.

Coming back to the normal report where the goal is mainly just to write some points down about the places we visited it is now down for day II outside Boston.

Second day in outside was supposed to be a brewery tour outside Portland.

We started out early with a visit to the Allagash Brewing Company. A brewery that was for me most connected to belgian inspired strong ales and tripples. A bit surprised the girl at the beer shop helped us with a very short and informal tour of the new brew house, and we were very happy with the information and tour we got. As the normal tour was 15.00 and we came to the brewery just after 11.00 it was great to have a couple of beers and a quick peak at the brewery.

Sampled beers included;

45. White (5% ABV)
46. Trippel Ale (9% ABV)
47. Black Stout (Belgian Stout), this was a great beer and something new for me, showed that they can do beer outside the standard belgian styled strong ale, great stuff and something we took with us from the brewery.

(Kegs at Allagash with the oaked barrell "Curieux", that we sampled at Sunset in Boston i couple of days ago)As the Casco Bay Brewing company had been closed down and that all brewers at Stone Coast Brewery were all occupied with the Vermont Brewers Festival (1 of 3 was not a great result) we instead continued to the Sea Dog Brewpub in Topsham. Time for lunch and;

48. Pale Ale (cask)

The beers are not really to exiciting at Sea Dog but the location in Topsham is worth checking out, has a large outdoor terrace along a small river.

Continued just as the very tiny Oak Pond Brewery opened up for visiting and free samplers. This brewery is actually just a one person operation.

We met the owner and brewer himself (see pic) and sampled;

49. Pale Ale
50. DoorYard Ale
51. White Fox Ale (best one)
52. Nut Brown Ale
53. Oktoberfest (biggest seller)

Coming to Bethel during we evening we also managed to find the brewpub in the ski resort, meaning the Sunday River Company and then finally ended up in central Bethel and the Suds Pub.

Sunday River Company:

54. Black Bear Porter
55. 420 IPA (also served here as the brewpub is owned by the people at Stonecoast brewery)

Suds Pub:

56. Magic Hat #9
57. Long Trail Ale
58. Gearys London Porter

Need for sleep now so I say goodbye with M and S saying goodnight from Suds and sunny Bethel, cheers to all.

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