We have now started our beer trip to south California (everything south of San Francisco). As usual I have a bit of problem to get in contact with the internet during our US-trip, so a direct report is not possible. Regardless we have started out and is currently still trying out everything San Francisco is about regarding US craft beer. San Francisco is a safe harbor for great craft beer and we are really enjoying the days here in the city.

I promise to try write as much as possible during the trip, so that you all get a report, or actually mostly because I need a personal reminder where we went.


(Stefan and myself at Toronado, San Fran)

For your information “SCXBT09” stands for “South California Extreme Beer Tour 2009”. It started out in San Francisco on July 11 and will continue with the following locations;

1. San Francisco

2. Santa Cruz

3. Buellton

4. San Luis Obispo

5. Santa Barbara

6. West Hollywood

7. Costa Mesa

8. Escondido\Carlsbad

9. San Diego


Hopefully I will get a more structured reporting quite soon, but it is a bit difficult to get it written down after all the great beers, :-). So far at least my personal favorite is Russian River Blind Pig IPA as usual.


(Interior from Toronado)

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