New Spring beer from Sam Adams at OT

Not that I like american style weiss\wit beer much but at least I need to give Oliver Twist some credit when they serve new beer from the US on draught, and even on the standard list of beers.

This beer showed up a couple of weeks ago at my favorite pub i Stockholm. It is called a "White Ale" and is a seasonal spring beer from Samuel Adams. So to categories it in style I would say simply a "Sam Adams"-style beer inspired by belgian witbier, meaning more Sam Adams instead of a normal witbier.

So if you like the taste of Sam Adams beers (as I do) and want to try something different this is your beer.

I like Sam Adams in the sense that it is a great starting point for people that usually drink international lagers. It is a beer that you can give a ago and often people like it and through that can learn and understand that a beer can actually taste something without being too much.

Often you hear that I want a beer, but it should not be dark, as to say that all dark beer would taste to much and different compared what they normally drink. Is that not strange?, why would just a dark beer taste more, at least you can not generalize like that. It is like say that a red wine would always taste more than a white wine, just because red is more color than white!.

According to Sam Adams this beer "has clear malt & wheat notes, and dominated by 9 spices and dried fruits". Personally I would say a beer with light orange color with a white head for a short while. For a wit-bier it has the lemon and orange you like in a beer like hoegaarden, quite refreshing as a summer beer and at the end very drinkable.

Not great and nothing I will drink much of but at least I will recommend it to people who wants something different and like to sample a US-beer.

In average I would give it a 4/10.


Steve said...

If you're ever in CA during the Summer and you are familiar with the BJ's Brewery and Pizza chain they make a really good seasonal Wit that won either a gold or silver at the last GABF. It's very tasty, sure to be better than the Sam Adams White.

Jocke P said...

Sam Adams gör mkt gott öl, men i Boston är det Harpoon Brewery som härskar enligt min mening. Framför allt deras Harpoon IPA, vilken är guda god. Förresten kolla in denna lilla nyhet, är själv redan medlem. Riktigt skoj med folk som vågar - http://www.prippinvest.se

Ha det gott!

Paul Garrard said...

Whenever I've been in a bar in the States and been faced with an array of bland offerings I'm always pleased if a Sam Adams beer is on tap, shining like a pearl in the oyster of a beer wateland. Don't expect I'll get to try this one sadly.